A contemporary, minimalist resort with its own distinct wellbeing approach, Garrya was built for the modern-day traveller looking to retreat from the clutter and chaos of everyday life.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. Using and displaying only what we need is our way of creating valuable space and authentic experiences for guests.


Throughout our resort, we have curated an overall atmosphere as well as little pockets of space for guests and associates to forge genuine connections through contemplation and reflection.

Find balance through simplicity

Dedicated co-living and co-working spaces offering muted palettes, sounds of nature and Zen design elements are available in the lobby and restaurant areas, ideal for those travelling alone or on business.



garrya balance concept
Get a good rest every night

Symmetrically designed guestrooms promote restful sleep cycles with warm LED lighting and aromatherapy diffusers featuring relaxing scents from 8LEMENTS Spa. Our Sleep Well program includes a pillow menu of memory foam, cassia seed and buckwheat, while bed wedges are available for a more comfortable experience. Guests can also choose from themed On-Demand Wellbeing Kits for rest, fitness or mindfulness.



garrya sleep well program
Experience a slower pace of life

Each property offers three Contemplation Pockets – specific locations in each destination chosen by our certified front desk companions, that allow an immersive observation of nature, or exploration of local arts and crafts.



garrya nature landscape
Make time for self-care

Our Recharge Gym offers comprehensive callisthenic experiences, space for private self-practice and silent digital fitness classes projected on the wall with headphones for audio direction. In-room exercise is possible with mounted equipment, stretch bands and yoga mats. Each hotel’s 8LEMENTS Spa allows guests to fully unwind with accessible and impactful spa therapy, with signature massages focusing on sleep essentials and restorative detox.



garrya resorts for rejuvenation
Food to nourish the body

Branded, ready-made dishes and grab-and-go meal kits featuring wholesome ingredients like organic vegetables and sustainably sourced seafood and meat offer guests healthy twists on local classics.



garrya food cuisine concept