Come Closer

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Find your haven of rest and romance through the beauty of simplicity. Be it strolling along a UNESCO World Heritage site, experiencing the life-sized terracotta warriors up close, or immersing in the daily life of a thousand-year-old village producing silk, find your space to contemplate and discover together.


Retreat into a world that is exclusively yours with our special romantic package. 


*Terms and conditions apply.

Sharing Time

Available at 4 Properties

Your family are the most important people in the world. Nothing compares to the trips taken together – each one a defining rite of passage in itself, brimming with opportunities to forge meaningful connections and make lifelong memories. 


Take a trip to the mountains to slow down and enjoy immersing in nature together. Explore rich historical cities and bond over contemplating fresh perspectives. Or embark on a transformative journey that will shape you all for years to come. Let us provide the perfect environment for your dream family escape, to encounter the world side by side. 

The First Trip: China Edition

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A vast land of infinite wonder, exploration, reconnection and relaxation, China is home to natural landscapes that inspire countless paintings, vibrant customs still honoured after centuries, and intricate history that has shaped the modern world.


Take The First Trip with us to marvel at the magnificent Lishan Mountain in Xi'an, and listen to whispered stories in the Lucun Ancient Village of Huzhou.


These are just two of our over 20 destinations in China waiting to be explored. Stay longer and enjoy up to 10% in savings.

Stay More, Pay Less

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Extend your stay with us to enjoy up to 30% savings

Advance Purchase

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Book your hotel in advance to enjoy discounts of up to 10% and other special inclusions

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