Conscious dining at EVOL


Garrya Tongsai Bay Samui’s guests can enjoy creative dishes at our newly rebranded EVOL Restaurant. The farm-fresh food is beautifully presented, nutritionally balanced and highly satisfying.


About 20 percent of the ingredients come from our own organic farm, while the others are mainly sourced locally. Located just five-minutes’ drive away from the resort, the organic garden grows vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices that are utilised in our different restaurants. 


Chef Thanawut Eak
Thai Cooking Class

Some of the products planted here include galangal, ginger, lemongrass, jackfruit, banana, mango, Thai basil, kaffir lime, eggplant, watercress, and even rosemary and mulberry. Guests who sign up for the cooking class experience held on-site by the resort’s chefs will get to visit the lush garden. This organic farm is also where 100 percent of food waste from the resort’s F&B outlets are turned into compost to create organic fertiliser and extracts for natural cleaning agents.


Back at EVOL, the chefs aim to use 40 percent zero-mile produce from local organic farms. This supports local businesses, farmers and communities. Food miles are a way of measuring how far food has journeyed before it reaches the diner.  Zero Miles cuisine has a low environmental impact, ensures fresh, seasonal produce are used, offers. Fresh, seasonal local produce offers better variety and flavour, contains more nutrients as well as decreases carbon footprint by minimising the pollution emitted by lorries transporting the products. 

Some of EVOL’s well-balanced creations include the colourful EVOL Rice bowl brimming with organic wholegrain rice, barley, quinoa, cucumber, pomelo, betel leaves, torched ginger and Phuket pineapple, scattered with mixed seeds, crispy shallots and sun-dried fish. There are also proteins such as Tan Khun free range chicken prepared sous-vide style and served with young coconut shoot and roasted pumpkin puree. Just as delicious are the vegan and plant based dishes like avocado and pomelo tartar and EVOL sushi roll with beetroot quinoa, avocado and mushrooms wrapped in nori and paired with homemade mint yoghurt chutney.


For your wellbeing, sip refreshing drinks such as the ginger kombucha made with fresh ginger, lime juice and kombucha with a touch of honey, or EVOL Elixir. The latter is a concoction of homemade concentrate of herbs and cider served with your choice of orange, apple or pineapple juice. While you tuck into your meal, unwind and immerse yourself in the resort’s calm and balmy setting.

Cobb salad EVOL