Garrya Nijo Castla ritual
Sunset Ritual

The Sunset Ritual is an event where you can arrange “Loss Flower” and candles and spend the weekwnds evening together floating

Matcha Experience

Provide an activity that teaches how to make matcha, which even beginners of the tea ceremony can enjoy.

Garrya Kyoto Forest Meditation
Forest Meditation

We meditate based on "Mindfulness", a method born from the philosophy of "Zen".

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Stay For Good

We believe in travel with a purpose. Experience the world through the intricacies of each destination, while honouring the heritage and traditions of local communities.

Garrya Nijo Castla to do
Things To Do

Discover the many temples and castles, shops, and experiences around Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto.

Garrya Nijo Castla

We introduce several other activities to make your stay in Kyoto memorable.


Suggested Itineraries for 1 Day and 3 Day

Indulge and enjoy the best of Kyoto.

We have put together the perfect 1 day itinerary and 3 day to help you get the most out of one full day in Kyoto.

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